Allocations & availability

We use the rules in water sharing plans to distribute available surface and groundwater resources sustainably and fairly. We also ensure that water entitlements and allocations are secure and tradeable in accordance with plans and rules.

A water allocation, or available water determination, is the proportion of a licensed water user’s entitlement credited to their water account for use. Allocations vary over time based on the water available in dams, river flows and the prevailing catchment and weather conditions.

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    We develop allocations based on water availability and water sharing plans rules.

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    Managing groundwater extraction to extraction limits

    We seek your comment on how we reduce groundwater access if extraction limits are exceeded in inland groundwater sources.

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    Tracking groundwater extraction against extraction limits

    Find out more about how extractions are tracking against extraction limits in inland groundwater sources.

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    Tracking surface water extractions against extraction limits

    Find out more about how extractions are tracking against extraction limits for inland surface water sources.

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    Water accounting

    We are working through the reforms recommended by the National Water Initiative.

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    Droughts & floods

    We play a critical role in managing, allocating and protecting the water resources of NSW during extreme events.

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    Controlled allocations

    Obtain a new groundwater licence through a controlled allocation (or tender) process.

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    Temporary water restrictions

    Current temporary water restrictions for regulated river, unregulated river and groundwater water sources.

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    Northern Basin First Flush Assessment

    Information on the assessment of management of the 2020 Northern Basin First Flush event.

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    North-west flows in early 2020

    After the drought we protected these first flows from take so that critical needs in the northern valleys could be met and the riverine environment could begin to connect and recover.