Allocations & availability

Based on water sharing plans, the department ensures the available surface and groundwater resources are shared equitably, and that water entitlements and allocations are secure and tradeable.

The volume of water licensed users can access is known as an available water determination (or water allocation). Allocations vary from year to year based on an individual entitlement. This is dependent on a range of factors including dam storage levels, river flows and catchment conditions.

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    Are developed by the department in consultation with the community and determine how much water can be extracted and how much needs to be set aside.

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    Water accounting

    We continue to progress major reforms driven by commitments made under the National Water Initiative.

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    Droughts & floods

    Our network of over 700 telemetered water monitoring sites is a critical element in decision making by key agencies.

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    Controlled allocations

    Obtain a new water access licence through a controlled allocation.

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    Temporary water restrictions

    Have your say on water resource plans currently open to public feedback.