Stakeholder engagement

Public charter

The Department of Industry leads the state government's contribution to making NSW a prosperous state — a place where people want to live and have good jobs, and a place where businesses choose to invest and grow. The department:

  • invests in skills and education
  • promotes and encourages innovation, research and development
  • supports employers to grow jobs, and
  • manages the sustainable use of and access to our natural resources.

We recognise that the best way to achieve these goals is to work in collaboration with a range of different groups and individuals — our stakeholders and the community.

Our Stakeholder and Community Engagement Policy is our commitment to you on how we will do that.


Our stakeholders are the individuals and groups that could affect or be affected by our activities. This charter sets out the key principles that guide how we engage with our stakeholders and the broader community. These principles are intended to ensure we maximise the value of those engagements for all parties.

Engagement principles — our commitment to you

We commit to engaging with stakeholders and the community in a way that is:

  • Purposeful — undertaken with a clear understanding of what we want to achieve, and delivering on NSW Government priorities and the department’s corporate goals
  • Inclusive — identifying and enabling the participation of all relevant stakeholders
  • Timely — providing sufficient time for meaningful consultation, outlining timeframes up front and conducting engagement activities in an efficient manner
  • Transparent — explaining the engagement process, providing information to enable meaningful participation and setting clear expectations around how participants’ input will inform outcomes
  • Respectful — acknowledging the needs, experience, perspective and expertise of participants.


The department implements the commitments outlined in the charter through enacting the industry standard approach to structuring engagement developed by the International Association for Public Participation (IAP2) — Inform, Consult, Involve, Collaborate, Empower.


All our staff share responsibility for implementation of the charter. We are committed to enabling effective engagement that reflects the principles in the charter.


We are committed to continuously improving the way we work. If you have feedback on the services provided by the department, contact us.