Response to NSW Ombudsman Water Investigation recommendations

The NSW Government welcomes the recommendations from the NSW Ombudsman Water Investigation. The government notes the findings in the report and acknowledges historical shortcomings in the management of water extraction and use and is committed to improving management and compliance into the future.

The government has implemented significant actions and reforms to improve the management of water. This includes the establishment of the Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR), amendments to the Water Management Act 2000 and development and implementation of the Water Reform Action Plan.

The Ombudsman has also noted a number of ‘other issues’ around water sharing rules, restructures and resourcing. The government will assess whether these issues need further review.

It is pleasing that the Ombudsman has recognised the improvements and the reform agenda the government is implementing. The NSW Government is committed to seeing these reforms through, and regularly publishing progress reports against these reforms.

The recommendations from the Ombudsman’s report will inform future actions to ensure a robust water management, compliance and enforcement regime across the state.

Download Water: compliance and enforcement special report for full details.