Telemetry to support NSW Non-Urban Water Metering Framework

Data logging and telemetry specification 2019

The data logging and telemetry specification 2019 (PDF 148.8 KB) was published 1 April 2019, under the Water Management (General) Regulation 2018.

These specifications help water users and duly qualified persons (installers) understand the new metering requirements relating to data logging and telemetry.

The purpose of these specifications is to set out what holders of water supply work approvals, water access licences and Water Act 1912 licences and entitlements that are subject to the mandatory metering equipment condition must comply with.

Data Acquisition Service

The Data Acquisition Service (DAS), is being developed by for the department. The DAS will enable water users to telemeter water take data to government agencies to assist with billing, compliance and other water management activities.

The DAS Logged Data Format Guidelines, soon to be published, will detail required log-file data format and file naming conventions for logged data.

An installer application (Installer App) is also being developed to assist duly qualified persons to register meters/data loggers and create new telemetry connections to the DAS.

More information on how the DAS operates will be posted by the end of May 2019.

For more information on the NSW non-urban water metering framework, including the regulation and policy, please see the department’s website.