Previous Water Reform Action Plan - community consultation

The New South Wales Government's Water Reform Action Plan will deliver on its responsibility to ensure we have an equitable and transparent approach to the management of our water for current and future generations.

As part of the water reforms being introduced, the NSW Government released consultation papers for community feedback on:

At the same time, the government also sought feedback on the next steps in implementing the NSW Floodplain Harvesting Policy

An Exposure Bill, the draft Water Management Amendment Bill 2018, was also released as an example of the mechanisms that could be enacted to enable key elements of the reform.

For more information, download the NSW Water Reform Action Plan consultation overview, Implementing the NSW Floodplain Harvesting Policy fact sheet and Water reform presentation

What we heard

The NSW Department of Industry consulted with people across the state between 13 March and 15 April 2018.

We spoke to people in Sydney, Dubbo, Broken Hill, Bourke, Moree, Gunnedah, Coffs Harbour, Wentworth, Albury, Griffith, Maitland and Bega. These meetings gave local people the opportunity for detailed discussions with senior and technical departmental staff on the policy options in the consultation papers and to provide feedback. A wide range of stakeholders provided feedback during the consultation process.

Read a summary of the consultation and what the NSW Government is doing next to implement the Water Reform Action Plan in the Community consultation—what we heard report

Read a summary of feedback received and next steps for floodplain harvesting in the Implementing the NSW Floodplain Harvesting Policy: consultation outcomes and consultation outcomes fact sheet

View and download the consultation submissions

Consultation quick statistics

Over 250 submissions, 20 consultation events, over 350 people attending consultation events, over 7,500 views of the webpage, 12 newspaper ads and 12 locations around NSW

Next steps

What we heard during the consultation period has helped the NSW Government shape its policy positions, and is informing implementation of the water reforms and amendments to the Water Management Act 2000.

Details of the proposed framework for non-urban water meters in NSW are available in the Draft NSW Metering Framework fact sheet. The policy will be implemented through regulations that were consulted on in August and September 2018.

For more information about the interim solution package for environmental water, including a roadmap for implementation, visit better management of environmental water.

To learn more about amendments to water sharing plans to improve management of environmental water download:

Further information about the NSW Healthy Floodplains Project can be found in the NSW Healthy Floodplains project fact sheet


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