Overview of the non-urban water metering framework

A robust metering framework to improve the standard and coverage of non-urban water meters across NSW commenced on 1 December 2018.

Licensed water users will be required to install compliant metering equipment on works that meet the metering thresholds, by their roll-out date.

The metering framework includes:

The policy explains the requirements of the new framework. The Act and regulation give legal effect to the new framework.

Latest updates - April 2020:

  • Launch of the DAS—the government’s new telemetry system is now ready for the next phase of roll out, enabling the secure transmission of meter data to government via compatible telemetry devices. The telemetry system, and the open market that support it, are in an early stage of development and we will continue to work with duly qualified persons (DQPs), telemetry device manufacturers and water user associations to ensure the transition to this new system is as smooth as possible.
  • Initial list of compatible local intelligence devices (LIDs)—an initial list of compatible devices has been published and the department will continue working with industry to encourage the list to grow. Water users who are interested in ordering a listed telemetry device should contact their local DQP to discuss the installation process.
  • Pattern approved meters—the Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) has published an updated list of pattern approved non-urban water meters. This updated list now includes pattern approved closed conduit meters ranging from 25mm to 1800mm.
  • Government owned meters—proposed public exhibition and information sessions planned for February 2020 were postponed to allow more time for the government to work through important issues. We recognise affected water users want certainty ahead of their metering rollout dates and affected water users will be contacted directly once further information is available.
  • Accuracy testing of non-urban water meters—further work is being undertaken by Manly Hydraulics Laboratory to identify appropriate and practicable methodologies to demonstrate the accuracy of existing meters. The Department will publish the findings and any other relevant guidance materials in April 2020 to assist duly qualified people.

Roll-out dates

The metering framework is being rolled out in a staged manner over five years.

Water users will need to ensure that they have compliant metering equipment by the relevant roll-out date, shown below:

Roll-out dates diagram


The Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR) expects water users to make arrangements well ahead of the roll-out date to bring their equipment into compliance and be able to demonstrate they have made every effort to comply with the metering rules.

NRAR has published a document setting out its compliance approach.

Metering requirements and specifications

Use our interactive metering tool to understand if the metering rules apply to your works  and what you need to do to comply with the rules.

Read more about metering requirements or telemetry.

Forms, certificates and fact sheets

Download forms, certificates and fact sheets for water users and duly qualified persons.