NSW water metering framework

The NSW Government is committed to implementing a robust new metering framework to measure and meter water take in NSW.

The new framework is a commitment under the NSW Government’s Water Reform Action Plan.

Draft policy and regulation

From 27 August to 30 September, we invited stakeholders to provide feedback on the draft policy and regulation for non-urban water metering in NSW. Public drop-in sessions were held in six locations across NSW, and offered an opportunity to learn more about the proposed changes and discuss the draft requirements. A webinar was also held for those who couldn’t attend a drop-in session.

The consultation paper sets out the proposed requirements under the new framework.

The draft regulation contains mandatory conditions to be imposed on water access licences and water supply work approvals under the Water Management Act 2000, as well as licences and other entitlements under the Water Act 1912. The Water Management Act 2000 requires these proposed conditions to be publicly exhibited for 28 days.

Consultation paper - NSW water metering framework (policy, regulations and mandatory conditions) sets out the proposed metering policy and regulations.

Draft Water Management (General) Amendment (Metering) Regulation 2018 the regulations (together with the Water Management Act 2000 and the Water Management Amendment Act 2018) will give legal effect to the proposed metering framework.

NSW water metering framework policy and regulation – consultation fact sheet

Next steps

The metering framework and regulation will be finalised once we have reviewed stakeholder feedback received throughout the consultation period. We will publish submissions received and also provide a report summarising what we heard.

It is intended that the regulation will commence on 1 December 2018

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