Key projects

The NSW Government is working to ensure a sustainable water future for NSW.

Safe and Secure Water Program

The Safe and Secure Water Program is a $1 billion NSW Government co-funding program that will target water and sewerage projects in regional NSW to ensure infrastructure meets contemporary standards for water security, public health, environmental and safety outcomes into the future.

The program will provide co-funding to successful applicants such as local councils, water utilities, water corporations and prescribed dam owners for detailed planning and construction activities to install, augment or decommission water and sewerage infrastructure.

NSW Healthy Floodplains

The NSW Healthy Floodplains project will help drive reform in water management in northern basin floodplains. This includes managing development in floodplain areas and bringing water extractions from floodplains into a water licensing framework. The NSW Government is implementing the NSW Healthy Floodplains Project across five valleys in northern NSW: the Border-Rivers, Gwydir, Namoi, Barwon-Darling and Macquarie valleys. The project will help NSW meet extraction limits defined in WRPs and the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

Water Resource Plans

The NSW Government will develop 22 Water Resource Plans (WRPs) to set out arrangements to share water for consumptive use. The WRPs will establish rules to meet environmental and water quality objectives and will take into account potential and emerging risks to water resources. WRPs will play a key role in ensuring implementation of limits on the quantity of surface and groundwater that can be taken from the Murray Darling Basin for consumptive purposes.

Broken Hill Pipeline

Securing Broken Hill’s water supply is the centrepiece of the NSW Government’s $1 billion Regional Water Security and Supply Fund.

A reliable water supply for Broken Hill will underpin business confidence in the region, support the full functioning of health infrastructure and the tourism industry, and improve employment outcomes in the region. The water security package represents one of the largest investments into regional water security on record and puts the region on a stable economic footing for generations to come.

Menindee Lakes

The new Broken Hill pipeline also means the Menindee Lakes can be managed more efficiently to balance the need for productive water, environmental flows and the importance of the Lakes for the local community.