Better management of environmental water

An Intergovernmental Working Group (IWG) with New South Wales and Commonwealth agency representation was established in February 2018 to develop options on how the NSW Government can deliver on its commitment to better manage environmental water.

The NSW Government is progressing the recommendations of the IWG’s interim solutions package, which outlines a package of solutions that can be implemented between now and when water resource plans commence.

The interim solutions package includes a roadmap that identifies further work to be progressed to implement interim solutions, as well as work required to inform the development of enduring solutions and ensure these solutions are evidence-based and take into account stakeholder concerns

This work includes consultation with communities to better understand potential benefits and impacts of options being considered and will identify possible mitigation measures. Where solutions involve changes to water sharing plans, consultation will align with existing processes.

Download the interim solutions package to better manage environmental water

Previous Water Reform Action Plan community consultation details, including better management of environmental water are also available.