NSW Government's Water Reform Action Plan

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Water is one of our most valuable natural assets. The NSW Government has developed a Water Reform Action Plan to ensure that

  • we deliver on our responsibility to the people of NSW
  • we have an equitable and transparent approach to the management of our water for future generations.

NSW remains committed to the Murray Darling Basin Plan and ensuring it is delivered in a way that balances economic, environmental and socio-economic concerns.

Download Download the NSW Water Reform Action Plan.

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    Our goals

    Read about the four goals that provide the framework for our action plan and download our activity reports.

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    NSW water metering framework

    Community feedback was sought on water management, measurement and metering, transparency measures and floodplain harvesting consultation papers.

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    Water Pilot Technology

    This program will develop new technologies to assist with water regulation, and ensure compliance and better protection of environmental water in the state’s river systems.

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    Environmental water

    An Intergovernmental Working Group was established in February 2018 to develop options on how the NSW Government can deliver on its commitment to better manage environmental water.

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    Water Reform Action Plan progress reports

    We are committed to reporting regularly on progress in implementing commitments in the Water Reform Action Plan.

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    Stakeholder engagement

    We have a developed a Stakeholder and Community Engagement Policy to help guide and maximise our engagement for all parties.