Thoroughbred racing

The conduct of thoroughbred racing in New South Wales is overseen by Racing NSW, an independent, autonomous body established under the Thoroughbred Racing Act 1996. Its commercial and regulatory responsibilities include:

  • all the functions of the principal club for NSW and committee of the principal club for NSW under the Australian Rules of Racing
  • controlling, supervising and regulating horse racing in the state
  • such functions in relation to the business, economic development and strategic development of the horse racing industry in the state as are conferred or imposed by the Thoroughbred Racing Act 1996
  • initiating, developing and implementing policies considered conducive to the promotion, strategic development and welfare of the horse racing industry in the state and the protection of the public interest as it relates to the horse racing industry
  • functions with respect to the insuring of participants in the horse racing industry, being functions of the kind exercised by the AJC (Australian Jockey Club) on the commencement of this section, and such other functions with respect to insurance in the horse racing industry as may be prescribed by the regulations
  • such functions as may be conferred or imposed on Racing NSW by or under the Australian Rules of Racing or any other Act
  • such functions with respect to horse racing in NSW as may be prescribed by the regulations.

The Racing NSW Board consists of seven members who are appointed by the Minister and selected on merit in accordance with skills-based criteria. The chairperson and deputy chairperson are also appointed by the Minister.

Thoroughbred race meetings are conducted by non-proprietary race clubs at licensed racecourses around NSW. There are no steeplechase or hurdle events conducted in NSW.

Further information on thoroughbred racing in NSW can be accessed from the official website