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Annual progress reports

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NRAR’s 2019-20 progress report breaks down our achievements as a best-practice regulator in a year that will long be remembered for the convergence of extreme drought, devastating bushfires, floods, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these challenges, the past year has seen NRAR build on the solid foundation laid in our first year as the state’s water regulator.

Read the NRAR Progress Report 2019-20.


NRAR’s first annual progress report broke down our achievements over the first 14 months of operation, and highlights examples of our day-to-day activities and special projects in 10 case studies. It also details the completion of NRAR's obligations arising from the Matthews and NSW Ombudsman's reports, and outlines a strategic vision for the year ahead.

Read the NRAR Progress Report 2018-19

Compliance activities and outputs

The creation of the NRAR marked a renewed focus on water compliance in NSW and has resulted in a significant increase of compliance officers on the ground throughout the state. Our front line staff are delivering a fair, transparent and enforceable water compliance system aimed at protecting waterways and preventing water theft through targeted investigations, monitoring and auditing.

We have a range of responses to non-compliance, including directions to remediate impacts to watercourses, stop work orders, directions to remove illegal structures such as dams, and directions to install meters. The NRAR can also issue cautions, penalty notices or initiate legal proceedings as an outcome of investigations into non-compliance.


View reports on our compliance activities and outputs to date:

Note: some compliance activity and output reports have been updated since their original publication to accurately reflect the location of activities reported.

Strategic Intelligence

NRAR commissions strategic intelligence reports from time to time for input into planning its regulatory activities. These reports may be made public to provide additional information for water users on the issues affecting the NSW water sector and the types of information that NRAR reviews to prioritise its activities.