Landholders in the Mildura region can expect a visit from NRAR this month

Media release | 24 November 2020

The Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR) will visit properties in the Mildura region of NSW in December to observe water management practices.

NRAR’s Director Water Regulation West Gregory Abood encourages landholders in this region to check their compliance with water laws ahead of its visit.

“Landholders in Mildura and some in Albury and Deniliquin can expect a visit from NRAR’s routine monitoring team in the coming weeks, so now is a good time to ensure their water management practices are compliant,” said Mr Abood.

“We know most water users in the Mildura region want to do the right thing and this program is an opportunity for us to meet with landholders, observe their practices and provide educational resources.”

These visits are part of the water regulator’s routine monitoring program, an ambitious pilot, which commenced in October 2020, which will see NRAR increase its capacity for site inspections three-fold.

The water regulator hopes to gather data on compliance to determine a base-line level of compliance.

“NRAR is creating more opportunities to gather data on compliance levels and to meet the water community face to face. We want to hear what water users have to say and help them to understand their obligations.” explained Mr Abood.

While in the Mildura region, NRAR officers will confirm if water activities on the property are compliant. All landholders will be contacted and given notice ahead of a visit, to give them the opportunity to check that their water activities are compliant with their individual conditions.

NRAR’s routine monitoring team will travel across the west of NSW between October 2020 and September 2021 meeting with the community to help them understand their obligations. For more information about NRAR’s routine monitoring program visit NRAR.

To see the work NRAR does, go to its public register on the NRAR website Go to ‘Reports and data’, then ‘NRAR Public Register’.

To make a confidential report on suspected water misuse, contact the NRAR Hotline on 1800 633 362 or email

NRAR visit Mildura region

Landholders in the Mildura region can expect a visit from NRAR in December 2020