Monitoring and auditing

The NRAR is responsible for ensuring compliance with NSW water management laws to enable secure and sustainable sharing of water between users and the environment.

Monitoring compliance is an essential part of the NRAR’s role. Information gained during compliance monitoring assists in:

  • detecting instances of non-compliance in a timely manner
  • determining the level of and trends in compliance
  • identifying when and what type of education responses or enforcement action may be required
  • identifying where action may be required to avoid or mitigate harm
  • assessing and reviewing the effectiveness of targeted operations, education and information programs.

The NRAR exercises a range of proactive, planned monitoring and compliance audit programs to determine the level of compliance within a regulated community. This may include:

  • inspections determined on the basis of a risk rating
  • running audit programs on NRAR compliance priorities in targeted geographic areas of NSW, or high risk businesses.

Reactive monitoring and inspections are undertaken in response to reports, incidents or other intelligence.

Education and engagement

The NRAR also aims to educate water users about their obligations – face to face in the field with our investigators and compliance officers, and with educational resources online. This will make it easier for water users to ensure they are complying with legislation.

The NRAR promotes voluntary compliance with NSW water management laws by providing education materials and engagement activities to help water users to know and understand the regulations, making it easier to comply. Education is also a key tool for building public confidence in the enforcement of these rules.

NRAR has developed an interactive compliance tool to help water users understand their obligations in relation to water take and to direct them to relevant information that can help them comply.

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