Tannah Munson

Assistant Project Officer, Natural Resources Access Regulator

Tannah Munson, Assistant Project Officer, Natural Resources Access RegulatorFor Tannah Munson, International Women’s Day is about acknowledging and celebrating women.

‘For me, it’s acknowledging what women have achieved and celebrating us, how far we’ve come, and what we’ve done. It’s encouraging each other and accelerating and acknowledging our accomplishments.’

As a Gomeroi woman, Tannah’s professional career has always been centred on protecting and giving back to Country.

‘I was a supervisor in bush regeneration for about five years in the Hunter and Central Coast regions before joining the Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR). We were responsible for planting trees and as a supervisor I gained skills in planning and map reading, which is very helpful at NRAR.

‘My Aboriginal culture is a driving factor for me in my work. I want to incorporate Aboriginal cultural values into my work to really drive change. I want to help make NRAR more aware of Aboriginal cultural values when we make decisions that will impact our communities.’

Tannah is celebrating this year’s International Women’s Day theme of ‘Choose to Challenge’ by embarking on a journey to further educate herself on the environment and Indigenous values.

‘I’m hopefully taking on more studies this year – it’s a big thing for me and I want to learn more. I am taking the first steps towards a Graduate Diploma of Land and Sea Country Management at Deakin University.

‘It’s targeted at Indigenous people to help them learn about traditional cultural values and then incorporate them back into Western policies. It’s just learning how to understand and challenge those systems, in a cultural way.’

Taking on a new challenge while working for the regulator is a productive move for Tannah, as she admits she’s in good hands when it comes to female leadership.

‘There is a good number of women working at NRAR. There’s a lot of us working out in the field and in higher positions, so seeing them work is inspiring for me.

‘One day hopefully I can get to work in that level. It’s just good to see women in higher positions in a workplace. It’s inspiring to me.’