Belinda Bright

Water Resource Recovery Lead, Sydney Water

Belinda Bright, Water Resource Recovery Lead, Sydney WaterAs a Water Resource Recovery Lead at Sydney Water, Belinda works with production teams to ensure facilities meet all safety, environmental and operational needs and live up to community expectations.

Growing up in the outdoors has meant Belinda has always valued looking after the environment and is fascinated by the role water plays in creating healthy populations and connected communities. She has put her materials engineering degree to good use in a range of industries such as manufacturing, mining, pharmaceuticals and health, and has worked around the globe.

‘As a young woman working in what is traditionally seen as a male-dominant industry and profession, I had to work harder to gain credibility and influence in a way that gradually challenged biases. I learnt the importance of being able to first find a shared connection, rather than jumping straight into solution mode.’

Belinda has been inspired by the diversity of women leaders at Sydney Water who are helping to shape this great city.

‘Diversity in all forms is critical to get the best ideas and solutions. Leveraging our shared intention but building on our differences and strengths will enable us to achieve much more as a team than we would with just a single set of views.’

Belinda hopes to inspire other women through connection. She runs a ‘Women in water resource recovery’ forum to connect frontline women – who are often isolated by being the only woman – to other parts of their organisation and industry.

This year, Belinda will choose to challenge the status quo by increasing the voice of the frontline at decision-making forums.

‘Let’s get back to ensuring those voices are a key part of the decision-making process and focus on progress over perfection.’