Have your say on review of the Gwydir Valley floodplain management plan

Media release | 6 April 2021

The NSW Government is calling for community feedback on the five-year review of the Gwydir Valley floodplain management plan.

This plan is one of 11 rural floodplain management plans currently being reviewed.

Floodplain management plans provide the framework for coordinating the management of flood works on a whole-of-valley basis. The plans do not regulate the take of water by floodplain harvesting.

These plans apply for a period of ten years, with a review required within the fifth year to examine whether the provisions remain adequate and appropriate for ensuring the effective implementation of the water management principles.

Peter Hyde, Director of Inland Water Planning from the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment said community input is a key part of the review process to ensure transparency and community involvement in floodplain management.

“This is the first time a review has been completed under these provisions of the Water Management Act,” Mr Hyde said.

“The review will complement the Natural Resources Commission audit being progressed for this plan. It will help ensure the State’s floodplain management arrangements are fit for purpose, so feedback from communities, landowners and other water users is crucial.

“When considering floodplain management, the Act’s water management principles require that land degradation, the impacts of flood works on other water users, and the existing and future risk to human life and property arising from occupation of floodplains are minimised.

“The involvement of the community in all aspects of water management is a keystone of the NSW Government’s management of our precious water resources.”

Community feedback on the Gwydir Valley floodplain management plan review will inform future potential amendments.

Submissions are open from 6 April 2021 to 18 May 2021 and can be submitted online or via email or post.

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