Temporary water restrictions for Thule and Tuppal Creeks

Media release | 15 September 2020

The NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment today announced temporary water restrictions for unregulated river water access licence holders from Thule and Tuppal creeks within the Murray below Mulwala water source.

The Thule Creek system has suffered from lack of flows since the millennium drought and many of the fringing Red Gum trees are in poor condition, while the Tuppal creek system has suffered from lack of flows since it was disconnected due to the construction of the Tocumwal levy.

A small amount of licenced held environmental water will be delivered into the creek systems. Top ups will be delivered when required during the summer period.

The temporary water restriction is to protect the licenced held environmental water delivered in these unregulated creeks from extraction by holders of unregulated river access licences.

Environmental water to these systems is required to increase the distribution and abundance of native fish species and maintain the extent and condition of fringing vegetation such as river redgums. Flow in Thule Creek will provide habitat for waterbirds including colonial nesting species.

The temporary water restriction provides for responsive management. Should a substantial natural unregulated flow event occur within Thule and Tuppal creeks, approval can be granted to take water by access licence holders.

The temporary restriction does not apply to stock and domestic water.

The restriction will remain in place until 30 June 2021. However, it can be amended or repealed should conditions change.

For more information visit https://www.industry.nsw.gov.au/water/allocations-availability/temporary-water-restrictions.