Roll out of the Snowy Water Licence amendments

Media release | 2 December 2020

The NSW Government has commenced implementation of the actions resulting from the 10-year review of the Snowy Water Licence.

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment - Water has resolved to implement the full suite of recommendations arising out of the recent Snowy Water Licence Review report, Vanessa O’Keefe, Executive Director of Policy, Planning and Science announced today.

“The Snowy Water Licence review implementation reflects the department’s commitment to improve water accounting and water release rules, while increasing water-use efficiencies and river health,” Ms O’Keefe said.

“To date, we have completed the administrative licence amendments and the best practice management review of the department’s regulatory policies, and procedures specific to the administration of the Snowy water licence has commenced.”

“This is an exciting project for the communities relying on Snowy Hydro’s releases to the western rivers and the department will progress the more detailed recommendations relating to flow releases.”

“To ensure everyone gets a say, the department will undertake a public consultation process with customers and community members encouraged to submit feedback on the second round of licence amendments, due for release by the end of 2022,” said Ms O’Keefe.

For further information on the progress of the licence review implementation visit Snowy Water Licence review webpage.