NRAR and national parks partner to improve water use transparency at Toorale

Media release | 10 November 2020

The Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR) has asked the New South Wales National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) to install metering equipment at Boera Dam in Toorale National Park to increase transparency in water measurement.

Chief Regulatory Officer Grant Barnes said NRAR commenced a thorough investigation following an allegation that water was being diverted from the Warrego River to Toorale National Park Western Floodplain without the proper authorisations.

“Our investigation found no wrong-doing on the part of Toorale National Park, which is encouraging, and I thank the NPWS for its diligence. However, more can be done to improve the accountability and transparency of water measurement at Toorale,” he said.

“We recognise the community is concerned about the use of water in Toorale National Park and believe government agencies should model best practice water management to the wider community.

“That’s why we will work with NPWS to look at the potential to install metering equipment at Boera Dam. We were encouraged by their willingness to consider new measures to increase transparency and accountability.”

The state of NSW and the Commonwealth have licences to use water at Toorale National Park exclusively for environmental purposes. This water is used to protect and sustain the precious river and wetland ecosystems in the Warrego River and downstream. These licences are held and managed on behalf of the state by NPWS.

To see the work NRAR does, go to its public register on the NRAR website Go to ‘Reports and data’, then ‘NRAR Public Register’.

To make a confidential report on suspected water misuse, contact the NRAR Hotline on 1800 633 362 or email

Toorale, Boera Dam's Western Bywash to Western Floodplain