$3 million Covid-19 stimulus for Scouts, Girl Guides, and PCYC Clubs

Media release | 6 August 2020

A range of Scouts, Girl Guides, and PCYC facilities located on Crown land will get a boost with the NSW Government providing $3 million assistance from its COVID-19 stimulus program.

Minister for Water, Property and Housing Melinda Pavey said the funding would provide a win-win for Scout and Girl Guide groups and PCYC clubs, as well as local communities by supporting maintenance upgrades and generating work for local economies.

“The NSW Government’s COVID-19 stimulus program is about supporting jobs and economic activity in communities that have been battling as a result of the pandemic’s impacts on local communities,” Mrs Pavey said.

“This has included disruptions to community organisations like the Scouts and Girl Guides that have been unable to meet face-to-face or do their normal fundraising activities.

“It has also had a major impact on PCYC which rely on income from its network of youth centers across the state to generate more than half of its annual revenue.

Mrs Pavey said the stimulus fund will support $3 million in priority maintenance and improvements on Scout, Girl Guide and PCYC facilities located on Crown land in NSW to ease the financial pressure while strengthening their infrastructure for the future.

“At the same time the stimulus will support tradespeople and building materials suppliers with spending and work for local economies,” Mrs Pavey said.

“Scouts and Girl Guides offer fun, friendship and adventure for young people and we want to empower them with safe places to grow and develop while contributing to communities.

“PCYC clubs are also great places for young people of all ages and backgrounds to make friends through sport and recreation and develop skills, character and leadership that can help them reach their full potential, so it’s fantastic to support them.”

“We are absolutely delighted with the NSW Government support which will assist a number of communities through projects to improve our Scout facilities,” Scouts NSW Chief Commissioner Neville Tomkins said.

Girl Guides NSW, ACT & NT Chief Executive Officer Helen White said good facilities are fundamental to indoor and outdoor guiding.

“The funding will allow us to continue offering quality activities, adventures and dynamic educational programs as we transition back to safe, in-person activities.”

“This stimulus funding is going to have a lasting impact. It means we can prioritise a range of repairs and upgrades - from roof refurbs to internal work to enhance facilities. This will benefit thousands of young people across NSW,” PCYC CEO Dominic Teakle said.