Recipe to boost food manufacturing sector

Media release | 21 January 2019

The NSW Government today launched a new strategy to support NSW businesses that are filling plates and satisfying palates around the world - the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

Minister for Trade and Industry, Niall Blair said a booming middle class, particularly in Asia, meant that there was ever increasing demand for our high quality food and beverage products.

“We have an international reputation for clean, green and safe food, and consumers around the world are clamoring for our products,” Mr Blair said.

“This strategy is about supporting our food and beverage manufacturers so that they can make the most of the enormous opportunities before them. We want to help the businesses that are bold enough to take the best of NSW to the world.

“Around 3,600 food and beverage manufacturers employ nearly 70,000 people in NSW, making it the largest employer of any manufacturing sector in the state.

“A strong food and beverage manufacturing sector means jobs across the state and especially in regional NSW. Growing exports from our food and beverage manufacturing sector also benefits our farmers, who see even greater demand for their products at farm gate.”

The NSW Food and Beverage Industry Development Strategy sets out targeted initiatives to build business capability, accelerate the growth of small and medium firms, support the workforce of the future, and increase exports from and investment in NSW. It will complement the initiatives set out in the NSW Advanced Manufacturing Industry Development Strategy launched by Minister Blair in 2018.

The strategy will support coordination actions across government, industry and research institutions to ensure that NSW food and beverage-manufacturing firms have everything they need to stay at the cutting edge.

NSW firms generate more than 30 percent of the nation’s food and beverage sales income, totalling in excess of $30 billion in 2016-17. NSW exports of processed food grew more than 10 per cent in the five years to 2016-17, totalling $4.4 billion.

Taylor Martin MLC, Minister for Trade and Industry Niall Blair and Dean Epps, General Manager, Life Health