NSW startups fly innovation flag at CeBIT

Media release | 23 April 2018

NSW startups will be strongly represented at CeBIT Australia 2018 with 16 companies supported by the NSW Government-backed Jobs for NSW to exhibit in the largest startup showcase in the Asia Pacific.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Small Business John Barilaro said CeBIT Australia – in Sydney from 15 to 17 May – would be a great opportunity for startups in NSW to showcase their technology to the world.

“Some of the best NSW startups will be on show at CeBIT Australia which attracts more than 15,000 people, over 300 exhibitors and the newest innovations from more than 30 countries,” Mr Barilaro said.

“Jobs for NSW is helping our startups and small businesses to create new jobs with a range of financial support – including grants, loans and loan guarantees – which it will also be promoting at CeBIT.

“The fruits of this assistance will be on display at the dedicated startup space - Entrepreneur HQ - featuring 16 Jobs for NSW supported companies across sectors spanning software, data science, FinTech and MedTech,” he said.

PingData – which has developed an app that removes the need for paper receipts – will be among companies on display at the startup space.

The inconvenience of paper receipts inspired PingData co-founder, Paul Weingarth, to develop a smart receipt that is automatically linked to a transaction in your mobile banking app – with the help of a $25,000 grant from Jobs for NSW.

PingData used the grant to test and validate the solution with a tier-one Australian Bank.

“We think it’s crazy that customers can pay in-store by seamlessly tapping a card or a smartphone, however, they still receive a centuries old paper receipt.

“That’s why we have invented the PingReceipt – customers simply pay as normal and seconds later they will receive a PingReceipt inside their mobile banking app.”

Mr Barilaro said that the $190 million Jobs for NSW Fund is on track to support almost 20,000 jobs in NSW by 2021/22.

“Because the startup sector is worth $70 billion to the NSW economy we are focused on creating the right environment for people to launch a startup, and to provide the support they need to succeed.”

“It’s not up to governments to come up with great new business ideas - but it is our job to do everything we can to ensure the people with those great ideas can bring them to life, as we will see at CeBIT next month.”

Ping Data CEO Paul Weingarth

Jobs for NSW supported companies at CeBIT Australia

Ping Data: Technology to replace paper receipts while unlocking value for banks, retailers and consumers. Customers pay for transactions with their card and receipt information is captured by Ping Data which creates a ‘PingReceipt’ that appears next to the transaction in the customer’s banking app. https://www.pingdata.io/

AirBuddy: Portable technology bridging the gap between snorkelling and scuba diving. A rechargeable battery-powered air compressor provides fresh air from the surface for up to 45 minutes and 12 metres deep. No need for air refills, scuba tank rentals, or bulky gear. https://www.airbuddy.net/

Inspace XR: Bringing augmented and virtual reality to the architecture, engineering, construction and real estate industries allowing you to step inside buildings before they exist. Signature product 'River Fox' creates interactive VR experiences to improve the way we design, construct, maintain and even sell buildings. https://www.inspacexr.com/

Dovetail: Software as a service (SaaS) customer feedback and user research platform to help teams organise and analyse customer feedback and user research. Companies store and analyse qualitative data to get rich insights and build great products and services. Customers include Atlassian, CSIRO, Deloitte, Nike and HotelsCombined. https://dovetailapp.com/

Advanced Catering Solutions: Large catering operations that rely on pen-and-paper methods to monitor food safety compliance can face risk and high labour costs. QAmC combines a handheld device, cloud software and blockchain ledger to streamline the process, collect records and reduce risk and staff costs. http://advancedcateringsolutions.com/

Envirodyne Group Pty Ltd: Currently demonstrating a packaged solar powered water treatment plant capable of treating 3,000 to 4000 litres per day at a farm near Young NSW. The demonstration plant is successfully operated remotely with online monitoring and control. http://www.envirodynegroup.com/

Black Cat Data: Community of data science and IT professionals that help members with education, certification and industry placements. Also assists companies to source and train data and IT professionals in full-time and contract positions. https://www.blackcatdata.com/

Oppizi: Technology allowing companies to use offline marketing to acquire customers. An app and portal allows clients to order, track, follow and measure  marketing campaigns. Clients include UBER, The Iconic and Airtasker. https://oppizi.com/

Sana Health Intelligence: It is building a software platform and combining internet of things (IOT) technologies and local services for affordable health monitoring of our ageing population. http://www.sana.live/

HeadsafeIP: The Concussionometer is a portable headset that uses clinically validated, patented technology to measure the brain’s electrical activity and send results to a smartphone to diagnose within two minutes if a sports player is concussed and has to leave the field, and when they are safe to return. https://www.concussionometer.com/

Elula: Products and services that use artificial intelligence and data visualisation to help businesses lift revenues, cut cost and achieve better customer experiences. Machine learning and mathematical optimisation predict customer churn allowing businesses to take action to improve retention. https://elulagroup.com/

Clay: Mobile application to make it easy for parents to get help with their kids from people they know and trust. As a verified member, parents can request help for school runs and childminding, and offer the same to earn back childfree time using an in-app currency of time credits or cash. https://clay.club/

My Medic Watch: Smartwatch applications to detect seizures or falls from users and activate emergency assistance by sending a notification and GPS location to caregivers. The technology aims to save lives and give vulnerable people autonomy. https://www.mymedicwatch.com/

FluroSat: Obtains remote sensing imagery from hyperspectral cameras onboard drones or satellites and uses sophisticated analysis to estimate farm crop performance and diagnose crop stress. Allows crop problems to be treated efficiently to improve yields and reduce input costs like fertiliser, pesticides and water. https://www.flurosat.com/

BenchVote: Fan engagement and polling platform for sporting organisations, teams, governing bodies and publishers to engage fans, drive revenue, collect data and grow their marketing databases. https://www.benchvote.com/

Everywhere Venues: Easy and accessible online directory for people to search, compare, book and pay for venues on demand.  Allows venue owners to maximise returns on physical assets and create opportunities for business, tourism, entertainment and community engagement. https://everywherevenues.com/