Mobile ads to drive earnings for Sydney motorists

Media release | 14 May 2018

Sydney motorists can now watch their cash grow with their kilometres with the release of a new app that allows drivers to earn up to $600 a month if they wrap their cars in advertising campaigns.

AdTech company Wrappli, the first graduate from Pyrmont start-up incubator Rough Diamonds Ideas Incubator, has developed an app that monitors – and monetises – the driving habits of motorists who sign up to have their cars serve as mobile advertising billboards.

Wrappli received a $15,000 Minimum Viable Product (MVP) grant and a $100,000 Building Partnerships grant from the NSW Government-backed Jobs for NSW to help develop its technology and create an algorithm to estimate the number of people who have seen their branded vehicles.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Small Business John Barilaro said through Jobs for NSW, the NSW Government is making investments to create new businesses and jobs.

“Jobs for NSW is not about giving out handouts but rather making smart investments that allow good business ideas and good businesses to grow,” Mr Barilaro said.

The innovative Wrappli app thinks outside the box to deliver returns for motorists, with the dollars literally ticking over as they drive.

Wrappli expects to hire about six staff over the next year after building its business in just seven months.

Rough Diamonds founder Fiona Aaron, who is also a co-founder at Wrappli, said she was expecting very fast growth for the tech-based outdoor advertising company.

“We’ve developed some novel technology that gives out of home advertisers a much more realistic understanding of how many people were around the car at a given point in time and how many times their ad was likely to be seen (in conjunction with our impression algorithm built with UNSW.) In terms of data for campaign reporting, this is extremely exciting for the out of home space.”

Wrappli CEO Suraj Vaghjiani said the company is looking at further developing their technology to be able to be completely transparent with advertisers on the results of their campaigns. “We really want to disrupt the outdoor advertising market and motorists are really excited about getting paid to drive.”

Mrs Aaron said the Jobs for NSW grant was crucial in developing the technology.

“As a startup it’s very hard to get the money to develop the tech and without the Jobs for NSW support our growth would have stalled. The beauty of our system is that if advertisers want to target a specific area, our database can find a driver by setting a ‘geo-fence’ - it’s a really exciting concept.

“We expect very fast growth and thanks to Jobs for NSW we have been able to expand our offering nationally already with our first to market Heinz Ketchup campaign hitting the roads.”

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Wrappli car ad example