GoGet car sharing on the move in Orange

Media release | 10 July 2018

In a first for regional NSW, car sharing company GoGet will trial its services in Orange, providing both locals, tourists and government staff with access to cheap car services.

Minister for Trade and Industry, Niall Blair said the six-month GoGet trial would allow access to six shared vehicles from GoGet.

“We have seen how successful car sharing services are in our cities, now this new trial will help to confirm the value of car sharing for the first time in a regional centre,” Mr Blair said.

“This is a flexible, cost-effective alternative for our Government fleet cars and is set to benefit those in the community who want to cut down on their car costs.

“We have around 900 government employees at our offices in Orange and it’s important we give them the tools to get out and about to meet with clients and customers, many of whom are in rural or remote areas.”

Parliamentary Secretary for the Central West Rick Colless said the trial was a win-win for government, taxpayers and the local community.

“For our leased vehicle fleet in Orange we currently use local suppliers for fleet servicing and smash repairs and local disability enterprise Wangarang Industries for car cleaning,” Mr Colless said.

“GoGet has opted to continue supporting the community by committing to use local suppliers and Wangarang Industries under this trial.”

GoGet’s Head of Locations and Partnerships, Christopher Vanneste, said the vehicles will also be available for shared booking by members of the public who have registered with GoGet.

“We’re really excited to work with the NSW Government on this trial. We think it will provide more flexibility and transport options for the community,” Mr Vanneste said.