Morris Iemma to lead Greyhound Racing NSW

Media release | 30 June 2017

Former Premier Morris Iemma will chair a new five-member board of the reconstituted Greyhound Racing NSW that will run the industry’s commercial operations.

Minister for Racing Paul Toole said Mr Iemma is the ideal person to lead the new organisation and help deliver the NSW Government’s reforms for the industry.

“Mr Iemma brings a wealth of experience and skills to the role, having led the reform panel whose recommendations formed the basis of new laws to take the industry forward,” Mr Toole said.

“He has also shown a strong commitment to engage with all stakeholders involved in the industry.

“The new board will be responsible for overseeing the industry’s commercial operations including prioritising greyhound welfare and positioning the industry for the future.”

The NSW Government will soon appoint the three Commissioners of the new independent Greyhound Welfare & Integrity Commission that will regulate the industry, target wrongdoing and enforce animal welfare standards.

“The new industry structure separates the industry’s commercial and regulatory functions, improving transparency and rebuilding public trust in the industry,” Mr Toole said.

GRNSW’s other directors will be Yvonne Howie (deputy chairperson), Hugh Armenis, Michael Eberand and Matthew Waring.

  • Yvonne Howie (deputy chair), is an experienced corporate leader who is Director, Government and Corporate at The CEO Institute. She is a director of the Combined Dispensaries Friendly Society and former director of Greater
    Western Sydney Economic Development Board and GP Northside Network.
  • Hugh Armenis, is a partner at business advisory and accountancy firm Bentleys and former executive director of Ernst and Young. He is also a registered liquidator and current director of the board of Cure the Future.
  • Michael Eberand, is a qualified accountant who runs a financial services firm. He is the current vice-president of the Australian Federation of Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers Associations.
  • Matthew Waring, is a lawyer who runs an employment law and industrial relations consultancy practice. He is a former chairman, treasurer and director of Richmond Greyhound Racing Club.

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