Labor and the Greens fail Basin rivers and people

Media release | 14 February 2018

The Greens and Labor have hijacked the Murray Darling Basin Plan in the Senate this evening.

It is a sad day for NSW when a plan that everyone has been working on for six long years, a plan that delivers healthy rivers and viable regional communities, is thrown on the scrap heap by the Greens and Labor in a race for votes in South Australia.

The northern basin review was always part of the Basin Plan package and rejecting it now undermines the ability of Basin Ministers to make binding decisions at the Murray Darling Basin Ministerial Council.

This move makes the Basin Plan untenable for NSW.

At the same time, I am urging the Federal Government to fix the Senate’s sabotage and take every step necessary to prevent the short-sighted and politically motivated action that will destroy this historic reform.

The NSW Government was committed to delivering the plan, but Federal Labor and the Greens have decided to put people last and politics first.

Our communities and the environment deserve better and most importantly, they deserve certainty.