Jobs for NSW helps FutureYou shake up talent pool

Media release | 24 January 2018

Sydney based recruitment firm FutureYou is shaking up the Australian talent market and has become one of the fastest growing executive recruitment companies in the Asia Pacific with support from NSW Government-backed Jobs for NSW.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Skills John Barilaro said Jobs for NSW has provided the rapidly growing company with a $600,000 Loan Guarantee to assist with ambitious plans to take on the global multinationals and local boutiques, which currently dominate the Australian market.

“Just 18 months ago FutureYou founder and CEO Simon Meyer was sitting in a coffee shop in Annandale talking over the idea for the company with business partner Richard Wynn.

“Today the company has close to 100 staff across Sydney and Melbourne and is looking to boost numbers to about 150 with their expansion plans very much including Western Sydney.

“The Government, through Jobs for NSW, is filling gaps in our innovation ecosystem and providing financial support along with thought leadership, mentoring and networking support,” Mr Barilaro said.

FutureYou founder and CEO Simon Meyer said the Australian market had been lacking a major Australian-owned player over the last decade in executive recruitment prior to opening his business in 2016.

“I felt there was something missing in our market place and that was a local player that had the size and scale of global multinational recruitment firms but the depth, expertise and specialisation of the local boutiques. My idea was to create a more ambitious enterprise, a new category in the industry, the super-boutique,” he said.

“Jobs for NSW is driving genuine job opportunity growth and has engaged with us in an extremely flexible and agile way offering a lot of out-of-the-box thinking.

“When we first started talking to Jobs for NSW our head count was about 30 and we have already seen quite a big jump thanks to our relationship, and I think 150 employees is now quite achievable for us.”

Mr Meyer said the company had grown significantly over the past 18 months and having completed the startup phase was now laying the foundations for the next phase of growth.

“So we have gone from $0 to $10m in our first full financial year and we’re setting sights on how to double and triple that number in the next two financial years so it’s a very exciting phase for us.”

Simon Meyer, FutureYou founder and CEO