Virtual battles taking our military forces undercover

Media release | 24 September 2017

A NSW company is turning virtual into reality by creating advanced simulation technology to train the world’s leading military forces.

Since 2001, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) has grown to become a global leader in simulated training for military and civilian organisations.

Minister for Trade and Industry, Niall Blair said that BISim was a fantastic example of how the next generation of defence industries will look in NSW.

“BISim have carved out an international reputation as one of Australia’s most innovative defence firms,” Mr Blair said.

“Their work enhances NSW’s reputation as the ‘smart state’ when it comes to defence.

“Their game-based technology allows our military to have front-line training experience without the associated risk or cost.

“It’s breakthrough technology that is taking the military world by storm.”

BISim creates a ‘Virtual Battlespace’, which provides high quality, flexible and cost-effective virtual training.

The company has secured contracts with the Australian Defence Force, the New Zealand Defence Force, the United States Marine Corps, the United States Army, the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence, the Swedish Armed Forces and Canadian Forces.

In the USA, Virtual Battlespace is the flagship product for the US Army’s ‘Games for Training’ program.

The NSW Government will promote BISim as well as 13 other leading NSW defence companies at Australia’s largest maritime event, PACIFIC 2017, to be held from 3-5 October at Darling Harbour.

The NSW Government has also assisted BISim establish a presence at the defence aerospace innovation hub at the Williamtown Aerospace Centre.

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