Sydney's bite-sized Netflix shoots for San Francisco

Media release | 24 August 2017

Sydney based company SNACKABLETV is aiming to follow in the footsteps of Netflix, Uber and Spotify after being selected to be a tenant at San Francisco’s global innovation hub RocketSpace as part of a startup Landing Pad program.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Small Business and Skills John Barilaro said SNACKABLETV will spend 90 days in the geographical and cultural heart of the global tech boom after developing a bite-sized version of Netflix which is gaining significant traffic in both Australia and the US.

“From 22 January 2018, SNACKABLETV, which received a $300,000 loan from the NSW Government-backed Jobs for NSW, will have access to industry partners including Goodyear, Samsung and AT&T, as well as RocketSpace’s alumni network which includes Uber, Spotify, Weebly and Supercell.

“The local neighbourhood is peppered with startups, technology investors and established companies, giving SNACKABLETV, which creates short-form TV content for young people, a chance to break into the US market.”

“Founder & CEO Kate Edwards came up with the idea to create a Netflix for young people while on maternity leave and will now take her idea to the US thanks to support from the NSW Government.”

Edwards said the credentials and criteria to get into RocketSpace were phenomenal and that she would not have come across this opportunity without the support from Jobs for NSW and NSW Trade and Investment.

“Two weeks ago I got a text message while I was putting my two-year old into bed and I nearly passed out when I found out,” she said.

“I was thrilled, terrified and highly emotional. I’m sure we will be exhausted when we come back – if we come back. People have been saying to us: ‘Be prepared you might end up staying there’ which is a bloody wonderful challenge to be faced with.”

“We were lucky enough to receive a loan from Jobs for NSW, who then introduced us to NSW Trade and Investment. We discussed all our growth plans which included looking to the US.

“NSW Trade and Investment were able to provide us with some really great advice on how to enter the US market and connected us with people on ground in LA and San Fran which lead to an introduction to Austrade and the Landing Pads program.

“We think we will be the first fully Australian owned and independent company that has embarked on this journey in the entertainment space. We have found a massive audience - now it’s time to kick over into the next iteration of SNACKABLETV.

“The only way we win is to continue to create best in breed original content, much like Netflix. Our intention is to use the learnings of Netflix & create episodic content that’s high quality and highly engaging."

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Founder and CEO of SNACKABLETV Kate Edwards

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