Storage will support a green energy future

Media release | 30 March 2017

Renewable Energy Advocate for NSW Amy Kean told energy industry leaders in Sydney today that effective and affordable energy storage will help to support the nation’s smooth transition to a clean energy future.

Speaking at an Australian Energy Storage Leadership Series event hosted by the Clean Energy Council, Ms Kean said resolving energy storage issues will be vital to providing grid stability in any future energy sector dominated by renewables.

“Batteries have proven to be an absolute game changer for the entire energy sector allowing us access to the full potential of energy storage,” Ms Kean said.

“We’ve seen a significant drop in the price of batteries over recent years and I’m confident this will lead to more growth in energy storage and accelerate as consumers seek to have greater control over their energy use.

“This means it is more cost effective than ever to use batteries to overcome gaps between electricity production and electricity demand, and to help stabilise the grid.

“Large scale energy storage can help overcome some of the natural variability of renewable energy and smooth out what has been dubbed the ‘Duck Curve’ where there is a large peak in energy use in the evening, a smaller peak in the morning and a shoulder period during the day,” she said.

“Energy storage can also help keep the electricity grid stable and avoid load shedding during high demand.”

Minister for Resources and Energy Don Harwin said the NSW Government is supporting market development of the best technologies and helping to drive the uptake of renewable energy.

“NSW added 315,000 residential solar PV installations in 2015, making us well placed to lead Australia in energy storage,” Mr Harwin said.

“Under this Government's watch over the past six years, the share of renewable energy generation in NSW's supply mix has more than doubled.

“We have a number of initiatives in place to encourage more use of renewable energy, including the Clean Energy for Business Program and the Climate Change Fund Strategic Plan 2017-2022.

“We’re also supporting research into energy storage at a number of universities and investigating other forms of energy storage such as harnessing the inertia in wind turbines to deliver extra power for short periods.”

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