Interim report on Travelling Stock Reserves

Media release | 30 November 2017

The NSW Government remains committed to preserving a viable, well-maintained and connected network of Travelling Stock Reserves across NSW, Minister for Lands and Forestry Paul Toole said today.

Almost 900 submissions were made to the NSW Government’s comprehensive review of the Travelling Stock Reserves (TSR) network. An interim report was released today.

“A full understanding of how TSRs are used today will inform the Government on how they should be preserved and managed in the future,” Mr Toole said.

There are more than 6,500 TSRs on Crown Land in NSW, covering about two million hectares, with 75 per cent in the western division.

“Most leaseholders in the western division said TSRs on their properties have not been used for travelling stock for more than a decade due to better and cheaper transport options,” Mr Toole said.

“But submissions from the central and eastern division outlined how TSRs remain important for droving, Aboriginal cultural heritage, recreation and biosecurity.”

Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair said the review identified the main routes for moving stock between NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

“We have identified a series of major TSR livestock ‘highways’; these are the main droving routes connecting our states and remain an important part of the NSW agricultural sector,” Mr Blair said

“The Review has created a comprehensive map of TSRs. The map highlights their value to regional NSW, including droving, environmental connectivity, Aboriginal cultural heritage and recreation.”

The TSR review’s final report will be released early next year.

The interim report can be found at:

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