Have your say on TSRs

Media release | 27 April 2017

Minister for Lands and Forestry Paul Toole today announced a comprehensive review of the Travelling Stock Reserve (TSR) network across NSW.

Mr Toole said the review will examine the current and future needs of the TSR network for livestock producers and include a thorough assessment of other important land uses such as cultural, Aboriginal, social and environmental purposes.

“This review will ensure the TSR network remains connected, viable and well maintained,” Mr Toole said.

“The review is not about a sell off of TSRs, it’s about getting solid evidence about what TSRs are used and valued for today.

“The 2013 review of Crown land found many TSRs are no longer used for their original purpose and with over 6,500 parcels of Crown land covering about 2 million hectares it’s important we increase our knowledge and understanding of this significant public asset.”

The Government is calling for submissions from stakeholders and interested community members from across the state.

Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair said the information will feed future decisions about how this land can be best reserved, managed and owned.

“We want a comprehensive map of the TSR network in NSW — where they are, what they are now used for, who uses them and how often,” Mr Blair said.

“Having a complete and accurate map across the state will be vital in ensuring the future of TSRs aligns with livestock, production, recreation, Aboriginal, conservation and community priorities.”

The Department of Industry – Lands will also be undertaking a detailed audit of all TSR parcels in three local government areas – Tamworth Regional, Tweed Shire and Federation Councils – to paint a complete picture of the TSR network and uses in those areas.

Submissions can be made online at: https://www.nsw.gov.au/improving-nsw/have-your-say/

Download the media release.