Continued caution in current conditions

Media release | 11 February 2017

The NSW Government is calling on everyone in NSW to continue managing their energy demands during this ongoing heatwave.

The proactive steps taken by the people of NSW yesterday helped to reduce demand on the electricity grid by hundreds of megawatts and helped to ensure that NSW did not need to implement load shedding across the state.

Given the record heatwave we are facing across the state this weekend we know that demand will continue at very high levels, so we are asking consumers and businesses to continue to manage their electricity use carefully.

“It’s still important that people do what they need to do to stay safe in the heat but where possible we ask that they consider their energy use carefully and only use essential equipment, particularly during the peak times between 3pm and 7pm," a Department of Industry spokesperson said.

“Domestic consumers can continue to do their bit to reduce the load by:

  • Switching off air conditioning except for occupied spaces and where the thermostat temperature is set at 26ºC or the maximum thermostat setting
  • Switching off unused or unnecessary interior or exterior lighting
  • Switching off any unused appliance or accessory in standby mode, including unused TVs, videos, stereos, computers, microwaves, battery chargers and portable power supplies
  • Not using water pumps for swimming pools or spas during the hotter periods of the day when demand will be high.

“The Government will continue to work with AEMO and the energy companies to monitor the system throughout the weekend and should any further action be taken we will make sure that the energy companies inform their customers, and we will update the community as we know more.”