Top Australian economist to help drive state's development

Media release | 16 December 2016

The NSW Government has established a new brains trust led by one of Australia’s top economists to deliver expert advice on new measures to create jobs, build infrastructure and grow the state’s economy.

Dr Andrew Stoeckel - founding Chairman of the Centre of International Economics and a former head of the Australian Bureau of Agricultural Economics (ABARE) – would head up the new Centre for Economic Development at the NSW Department of Industry.

Dr Stoeckel has an international reputation as one of the country’s brightest economic minds – he’ll bring his knowledge to support the Government’s economic agenda as the Chief Economist of the new Centre for Economic Development.

The Centre will also be staffed by a panel of experts drawn from across Australia and internationally, all with expertise in economic and regional development, including Dr Janine Dixon, Professor John Rose, Dr Nicholas Gruen, Professor Glyn Wittwer and Professor Bob Stimson.

“Our economy is constantly changing as a result of technology and other developments both at home and abroad,” Dr Stoeckel said.

“Understanding these trends and impacts and how they relate to economic development will ensure that we can effectively plan ahead to make the most of new opportunities and address challenges as they arise.”

The Centre aims to be a recognised leader in policy analysis, and discussion around economic and regional development, providing valuable insights and advice for Government on how best to leverage NSW’s full economic potential.

Its first research report - on regional growth enablers – maps out where the highest value investments in skills training, infrastructure construction, land use planning, or regulatory overhaul should be made across 18 regional areas.