Jobs for NSW releases assessment framework

Media release
4 April 2016

Jobs for NSW has released a robust assessment framework to provide an effective and transparent guide to investment in job creation projects in New South Wales.

The framework will guide assessment of requests for project support to channel investment in business segments that demonstrate the greatest potential for jobs growth.

Jobs for NSW CEO Karen Borg said the new assessment framework was an important milestone in the Jobs for NSW mandate to facilitate job creation via the $190 million Jobs for NSW fund.

“The Jobs for NSW assessment framework gives flexibility to invest in a range of different job creation initiatives, while at the same time providing a robust assessment framework to ensure we are funding those projects that will have the biggest job impact,” she said.

“This is an important step in ensuring the $190 million Jobs for NSW fund will deliver a measurable return on investment and that the Jobs for NSW approach is strategic and targeted.

“The framework ensures that Government intervention is justified and that Government is only funding projects that would not occur without Government intervention – ie addressing barriers in the market that would not otherwise be addressed and are hindering job creation.”

Businesses requesting Government investment will now move through a three-stage process of initial strategic assessment, full assessment, and final approval by the Jobs for NSW CEO and Jobs for NSW Board, before final approval by the Minister.

Jobs for NSW was established in late 2015 to help deliver innovative ways to drive investment and job creation under a Board chaired by former IBM and Telstra CEO Mr David Thodey. CEO Karen Borg was appointed in December 2015.

For more information visit the Jobs for NSW website.