Salaries in NSW

New South Wales (NSW) offers globally competitive salaries in a country that is consistently rated among the best in the world for its living standards. Salaries paid in Sydney, in particular, are competitive with those paid in other major Australian cities.

The following table shows median salaries and the value of total salary packages for a range of roles across the state of NSW.

Median Salaries and Total Packages - New South Wales, 20131,2 (A$)
Position Total salary Total package 3
Chief Executive 256,763 327,939
General Manager - Division/Region 161,417 187,344
Chief Finance Executive 201,856 243,255
Financial Controller 138,452 164,210
Financial Accountant 87,693 95,998
Assistant Accountant 59,456 65,220
Marketing and sales:
National Sales Manager 135,755 168,168
Sales Manager - Region/State 98,312 127,749
Product/Brand Manager 93,228 110,112
Marketing Assistant 57,255 63,278
Customer Service Manager 76,236 86,854
Call Centre Representative/Operator 45,952 52,000
Information Technology (IT):
IT Manager 125,352 145,307
Project Manager/Leader 119,514 150,884
Internet Specialist/Web Developer 75,000 86,492
Analyst/Programmer 89,326 97,884
Engineering Manager 129,349 150,410
Professional Engineer 106,317 127,740
Experienced Engineer 91,786 103,144
Manufacturing/Production Manager 90,013 114,987
Logistics Manager 99,439 123,527
General Foreperson 59,248 65,172
Process Worker 36,615 39,910

Source: Australian Institute of Management (AIM) National Salary Survey, 2013.


  1. Applies to large companies. All amounts are averages over at least 50 cases, except Project Manager/Leader (IT), Internet Specialist/Web Developer, Professional Engineer, Manufacturing/Production Manager and General Foreperson.
  2. Data were collected from organisations with annual turnover greater than $10 million. Also includes the Australian Capital Territory.
  3. Total salary plus non-salary items, including superannuation, car package value, vehicle allowance, mobile phone, laptop, low interest loans and other benefits applicable to the position; excludes performance pay.

Source: Australian Institute of Management (AIM) National Salary Survey, 2013.