Updates: NSW 190 Program

NSW 190 Priority Skilled Occupation List 2016-17

NSW has published the 2016-17 NSW 190 Priority Skilled Occupation List (NSW 190 List).

We plan to start issuing invitations for the 2016-17 financial year from late July 2016. We will continue to select and invite top ranking candidates on occupations on the NSW 190 Priority Skilled Occupation List (NSW 190 List). There have been no changes to the list.

Application payment and additional documents

Some applicants may have applied and received acknowledgement and a Skilled Reference Number (SRN), but still need to make their payment. If this applies to you, we will send you a new payment link by email within 5 days after you submitted your application.

Applicants who need to supply additional information or attachments can send them to skilled.migration@industry.nsw.gov.au.

Please quote your SRN in the subject line of all emails to this email address.

Checking spam/ junk folders

Some applicants have reported that important emails from NSW Migration Services were redirected to their Spam or Junk folders. Please check these folders regularly to ensure that you have received all of the necessary correspondence.

Processing time

The standard processing time for applications is 12 weeks*. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in refraining from making progress enquiries within these first 12 weeks.

* *Please note that this does not apply to EOIs. There is no set timeframe for receiving an invitation after you have lodged an EOI. Selection is not guaranteed.


For even more information on the NSW 190 program, visit the FAQ section or download our How to apply – skilled nominated visa fact sheet.