Selecting applicants

We select and invite candidates to apply for NSW nomination on an ongoing basis.

Make an expression of interest in SkillSelect

To be selected for NSW nomination you must have recorded your details in an Expression of Interest (EOI) in SkillSelect and indicate that you wish to be considered for NSW nomination for a 190 visa.

If you already have an EOI in SkillSelect it will be considered during the selection process. You do not need to create a new EOI. You should ensure your EOI remains up to date and accurate.

Selection process

The selection process is competitive. Candidates are selected and ranked in the following order:

  1. Occupation
  2. Australian Department of Home Affairs points score
  3. English language ability
  4. Skilled employment

Where candidates have the same ranking on these criteria at the time of selection, they will be further ranked based on the date and time that their points claims were last updated in SkillSelect.

Accuracy of your claims

You should ensure that your SkillSelect EOI remains accurate and up to date.

The claims in your NSW nomination application including points and occupation must match what was in your SkillSelect EOI at the time that NSW invited you to apply. This is because candidates are invited based on the information in their SkillSelect EOI during selection.

In assessing applications, NSW will check that you are eligible to claim the points that were stated in your SkillSelect EOI when you were invited. Your points score, when assessed by NSW, must not be less than the score stated in your EOI.

You should not overstate your points or other claims in your SkillSelect EOI in order to secure an invitation to apply for NSW nomination. These applications will be declined.

When you submit your application you must provide appropriate evidence to support your claims.

Frequently asked questions

For further information on the selection process including skilled employment points claims read the frequently asked questions.