NSW Business and Skilled Migration team key achievements 2017–18

Business migration

In 2017–18, the NSW Department of Industry continued to actively promote NSW to high-calibre business and investor migrants as the preferred destination to live, do business and invest in Australia.

Building on the success of the previous roadshows, NSW again hit the road and embarked on a tour de force of China and Vietnam, presenting to over 2,000 prospective business and investor migrants over 60 events!

The roadshows were a great opportunity for the department to deepen existing relationships and established new connections that will continue to drive the growth of NSW migration programs. This was particularly evident in Vietnam, where the number of nominees increased by an impressive 27% in comparison to the previous year.

An inaugural ASEAN migration roadshow in August 2018 was also held in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, with high participation across all events.

The results of the department’s efforts are now been realised, with NSW officially overtaking Victoria as the leading state for Significant Investor Visa nominations!

As well as in-market roadshows, the department sought to maintain ongoing engagement with industry to promote business and investor migration to NSW and provide a high level of service to existing clients. In 2017–18, the NSW Business and Skilled Migration team attended over 45 personalised client engagement meetings to present on NSW migration programs, industry sector investment opportunities and answer questions on NSW’s nomination procedures and policy.

The department is also committed to continuously improving and streamlining customer services. Average processing times have shortened and we have implemented clear service standards that lead competing states.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with our stakeholders further in 2018–19, both here in NSW and abroad, to present our business and investor migration program on a global scale.

Skilled migration

The department successfully delivered the selection-based skilled migration program to boost productivity and strengthen the NSW economy. In 2017–18, NSW nominated 5,226 skilled migrants to the federal government, including 1,440 skilled migrants nominating to live and work in regional NSW—a key focus for the department.

We are still awaiting our formal allocation from the Department of Home Affairs for 2018–19, but we anticipate a similar-sized program to be delivered. Excitingly, we have welcomed new areas of NSW into our regional nominated migration program, which have already been flooded with interest.

The Department of Industry thanks all stakeholders for their support in the last financial year and we look forward to another productive program year ahead where we will continue to build on our success and promote the message that NSW is ‘open for business’.