About New South Wales

Farmer in wheat field

NSW: Australia's premier state

New South Wales, Australia’s largest state, boasts some of the world’s finest beaches, seaside towns and cities, including Sydney, the state’s cosmopolitan capital and Australia’s most vibrant city.

Situated on the sunny east-coast, our vast state spans more than 800,000 square kilometres – making it larger than many European countries.

There’s plenty to explore and enjoy if you’re holidaying in NSW, and rich and diverse business opportunities abound from a trade and investment perspective.

Whatever your preference, NSW is a great place to be.

Outside Sydney

NSW’s majestic terrain borders the states of Queensland to the north, Victoria to the south and South Australia to the west, while the endless blue of the Pacific Ocean fringes the state’s spectacular east coast.

Inland NSW features welcoming country towns and lush pastoral countryside and grazing lands, which give way to the rugged Australian bush. Here, residents combine a relaxed rural lifestyle with progressive farming and agricultural practices.

The state’s west is home to the arid Australian outback, famous for its majestic desert landscapes. In the state’s south lies the snowy alpine region that beckons ski and snowboard enthusiasts in winter. The north coast offers seemingly endless stunning, sandy beaches and subtropical rainforests.

Major regional centres and small rural villages in the heart of regional NSW also offer world-class investment opportunities.

More information

For more information visit regional NSW. For more information on the state capital visit Sydney.