Land Negotiation Program Review

The Land Negotiation Program (the program) aims to ensure that land within the NSW Crown Estate is held by the most appropriate landholder so the people of NSW can gain social, economic, cultural and environmental benefits. It is also important to retain land of state significance for future generations.

From November 2019, an external expert, Ms Chris Ronalds AO SC, will independently review the program. Ms Ronalds is a leading Sydney barrister specialising in discrimination law, employment law and administrative law, and her career demonstrates a deep commitment to Aboriginal / First Nations affairs.

Ms Ronalds was a founding member of the Bar Association’s First Nations Committee 22 years ago. She is also a member of the Indigenous Barristers Trust which supports First Nations barristers and law students, and has been a member of the Law Council of Australia’s Indigenous Issues Committee for 15 years.

The independent review will provide an objective assessment of the effectiveness of the program against its intended outcomes and its progress to date. This will help identify any potential improvements to the program’s design.

Current program negotiations will be placed on hold so the review can be completed.

The review will make recommendations to the Minister for Planning and Public Spaces and Minister for Water, Property & Housing about the vesting of land to local Councils, the use of Aboriginal Land Agreements to transfer land to Aboriginal Land councils, and improvements to the department’s approach to addressing Aboriginal land claims.

Have your say

Program partners and key stakeholders will have opportunities to inform the independent review of the program through direct communication with the external expert conducting the review.

A public submission period was undertaken from Monday 18 November 2019 and ended at midnight on Friday 20 December 2019.

Closing date

Submissions closed midnight Friday 20 December 2019.

Important: note that all submissions will be published on the department’s website unless marked confidential.

Next steps

Your feedback is valued and will be considered as part of the independent review of the program.

The outcome of the independent review of the program will be published on this page.

Supporting documents

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For more information about the program review or to contact the independent reviewer please call 1300 886 235.