How we work

We’re responsible for ensuring a coordinated and consistent approach to managing the state’s vast Crown land.

New legislation came into force this year that improves the way Crown land is managed now and into the future. It ensures decision making around Crown land encompasses environmental, social, cultural heritage and economic considerations and facilitates enhanced community engagement in decisions about Crown land.

It is also important to recognise Aboriginal involvement in the management of Crown land, including recognition of Aboriginal land rights, native title rights and interests and the spiritual, social, cultural and economic importance of Crown land to Aboriginal people.

  1. Group of people around a table

    Community engagement

    The community uses and benefits from Crown land, be involved in making the decisions on how land is enjoyed and managed.

  2. Aboriginal couple

    Aboriginal land claims

    Ensuring that Crown land sits with the appropriate landholder under the ALR Act. Includes the process to lodge a claim.

  3. Aboriginal rock art

    Native title

    We are committed to managing Crown land consistently with the Commonwealth Native Title Act 1993.

  4. Two Indigenous women talking

    Land negotiation

    We’ve partnered with Aboriginal land councils and local government councils to make sure the most appropriate landholder holds Crown land.