The department has an active compliance and enforcement regime to help protect Crown land against illegal activity that threatens environmental values or the enjoyment of Crown land users.

To ensure Crown land is used sustainably and lawfully, we engage early to help people do the right thing. We support our Crown land managers and users by setting expectations through guidelines and conditions and by working with individuals and communities to meet these requirements. We monitor use through inspections and audits, and undertake enforcement action when required.

The department is guided by the compliance and enforcement policy and guidelines. You can find more information in the fact sheet.

New enforcement and protection powers

Key features of the new powers:

  • to act as a deterrent and address compliance issues on Crown land, penalties have been increased, with corporations now receiving higher penalties than individuals
  • where land is damaged or contaminated, the department can now order rectification and remediation notices to ensure Crown land is restored to its former condition
  • the department can also issue orders to ensure people remove materials or structures illegally placed on Crown land
  • to stop unlawful, unsafe, or dangerous activities taking place on Crown land, the department can issue stop-activity orders on the spot
  • the department now expects to be able to prosecute more offences as there is an extended two-year timeframe to report and investigate breaches.

Report an issue

We need your help to keep our state’s Crown land sustainable and safe for all. Please report it if you observe:

  • illegal dumping of rubbish or toxic or hazardous substances
  • abandoned vehicles
  • trees on Crown land requiring maintenance
  • safety hazards
  • any other issues that impact your community.

When reporting the issue, please include as much detail as possible so we can correctly locate the incident and arrange for the appropriate follow-up.

You can contact us to report an issue or concern regarding Crown land management.