Vesting Crown land

Numerous reviews have confirmed that it is important that NSW Crown land is held by the most appropriate landholder so the people of NSW can gain positive social, economic, cultural and environmental benefits.

For land that is of state significance, this means that land should remain in the Crown Estate to enable it to be enjoyed by current and future generations. Crown land may be considered state significant, if it has high environmental value, contains an iconic asset, has heritage importance or meets a number of other set criteria.

Land of primarily local community value, for example, parks and local sporting grounds, is best managed at a local level, so that it can meet local needs. For this reason, land that meets ‘local land criteria’ will be made available, through voluntary negotiations, to local councils. This transfer of ownership process is known as vesting and requires the approval of the Minister for Lands and Forestry.

More information about vesting land in local councils and the state and local land criteria can be found in these fact sheets:

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