Managing schools of arts

Schools of arts, mechanics’ institutes and literary institutes are part of a statewide network of public halls that are managed by volunteers, not-for-profit organisations, and local councils, to service community needs. The management of these institutions will change when the new Act replaces the Trustees of Schools of Arts Enabling Act 1902 this year.

Institutions on public land:

  • will be Crown land reserved for the purposes of an institution, for community use, or for any other similar purpose
  • allow for a continued role for trustees to manage the land in much the same way as they currently do, either as statutory land managers or as Crown land managers.

Institutions on private land:

  • will be governed by the Trustees Act 1925
  • allow for a number of management options, including:
    • continuing with current management
    • transferring to Crown land
    • forming an agreement with the local council to manage the land under the Local Government Act 1993.

The NSW Department of Industry recently contacted institutions to provide information on the changes and the options available.

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