Orange Land Transfers

Historic Land Agreement to Boost Orange

Orange will be the first region to have Crown land transferred from the State to the Orange City Council (OCC) and the Orange Local Aboriginal Land Council (LALC), as part of a negotiated agreement that aims to ensure public land is managed and owned locally. The transfer of land parcels is the largest land transfer of this type in the state’s history.

The outcomes from this negotiation aim to provide certainty about the future use of land, and achieve the most positive social, economic, cultural and environmental benefits for local communities.

Map of Orange Land Negotiation Overview

These transfers will preserve public access, use and recreation of key areas of land. It will also drive cultural, social and economic outcomes, and realise Aboriginal land rights as intended in the Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 through the return of land parcels to Aboriginal ownership.

The transfer of land reflects the Crown land 2031 State Strategic Plan key priority to accelerate the realisation of Aboriginal land rights and native title in partnership with Aboriginal people.

This priority acknowledges that Aboriginal land rights and native title interests are key to reconciliation and achieving economic, social, cultural and environmental outcomes in NSW.

Crown Lands is currently transforming the way it delivers outcomes for Aboriginal people which incorporates a partnership approach to negotiating outcomes and solutions. Recent examples of this are the announcement at the Dungog mountain bike track and the delivery of the new Health service at Buronga, HealthOne.

As part of this approach Crown Lands has a number of Aboriginal Community Engagement Officers working closely with Local Aboriginal Land Councils to better support outcomes for Aboriginal people.

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What land parcels will be transferred

The transfer of land parcels from Crown Lands to the OCC and the Orange LALC is an historic agreement and the first of its kind in NSW.

Crown Lands will transfer about 86 hectares of Crown land to the Orange LALC. Some of these land parcels include:

  • the Bloomfield Golf Club Driving Range, Bloomfield Hall, part of Bloomfield Golf Course, a small section of the Agricultural Research Station and a portion of Orange Racecourse.

Crown Lands will also transfer about 312 hectares to the OCC. Some land parcels include:

  • the cemetery, Waratah Sports Ground, Paterson Memorial Park, Moulder Park, Newman Park, Orange Botanical Gardens, Bloomfield Park, Bloomfield Golf Course, Springhill Recreation Ground, Wentworth Golf Course and Orange Showground.

To see the full list of land parcels involved in this transfer, please download the Orange Land Parcel Transfer (PDF, 88.25 KB).

The Orange land transfers will benefit the people of Orange and Western NSW by supporting the creation of jobs, investment in the local health and education sectors, preservation of parklands and culturally significant sites, and opportunities for infrastructure investment that can support local businesses and services.

Land transfers are also an opportunity for Crown Lands to work with Aboriginal landowners to co-design and co-manage strategies to unlock multiple benefits from land.

Land transfers in most instances will not result in significant changes to existing tenures, the tenures will simply be reissued by the OCC or OLALC. Tenures will then need to be renewed and/or renegotiated when they each come up for renewal.

Orange Land Negotiation - Council

For more information, view Frequently asked questions (PDF, 114.28 KB).

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