Crown reserves are land set aside on behalf of the community for a wide range of public purposes including environmental and heritage protection, recreation and sport, open space, community halls, special events and government services.

New South Wales has more than 34,000 Crown reserves. The reserve management system enables the NSW Government, local councils and members of the community to work together to provide care, control and management over Crown reserves.

Through our network of regional offices, we ensure that Crown reserves are responsibly managed and that natural resources such as water, flora and fauna and scenic beauty are conserved, while still encouraging public use and enjoyment of the land.

Reserve Manager website

The new Reserve manager website provides Crown land managers with guidance materials, templates and other resources to support their role in managing Crown reserves. The website replaces the prior Trust Handbook.

Access Reserve Manager site.

Reserve Manager website screenshot

Get involved

Do your part for the community and join a Crown land board! Members of the public can volunteer to participate in the management of Crown land as an appointed board member of a statutory land manager. View current board vacancies

Crown land manager induction program

The Crown land manager induction is designed to prepare board members and organisations for their appointed role. Completion of the induction is mandatory for recommended board members prior to their appointment or reappointment being finalised. View the induction program.

Crown reserves public directory

A new public directory to showcase the diversity of Crown reserves is now available on the Reserve Manager website. The directory and interactive map provides reserves details including facilities available, images and public contact information.