Interment industry

Interment refers to the placement of human remains in the earth or other structure. The term 'interment' applies to both bodily and cremated remains.

In 2015-16, there were 54,336 burials and cremations in NSW with around half in metropolitan Sydney. Over 230 cemetery and crematorium operators provide interment services across NSW:

  • Four large Crown cemetery operators provide services in Sydney, conducting around 70% of burials for metropolitan Sydney.
  • Local councils manage the majority of cemeteries in NSW, including those on Crown land, and conduct around 50% of burials in NSW but only 10% of burials in Sydney.
  • Private operators manage the majority of crematoria statewide and privately operated cemeteries in metropolitan Sydney and Hunter/Central Coast regions.
  • Community operators oversee many small, closed cemeteries, including many churchyard cemeteries in Sydney and conduct less than one per cent of metropolitan burials.

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