Crown land searches

The preservation of Crown land is the responsibility of all NSW residents.

We provide land status and information services to make sure everyone has the ability to protect the land.

We provide a number of Crown land search services. View the complete list of fees for search services and products. Each type of search available is detailed below:

Conveyancing search

When buying a property, there are many things for you to consider. We recommend doing a conveyancing search before settlement to make sure there are no Crown land tenures connected to the property you are purchasing. Crown land tenures may include a lease, licence or enclosure permit.

Crown land conveyancing searches are particularly important for waterfront land and rural properties.

A conveyancing search will provide the following information:

  • the existence of any Crown tenure
  • any payment due (including any arrears that may become payable by the purchaser upon settlement)
  • the due dates for any amount owing.

Only solicitors or conveyancers can undertake conveyancing searches. You should discuss this with the professional looking after your purchase or sale. A standard application fee per rateable property applies.

In circumstances where a conveyance includes lots held under different names, a separate application and fee must be lodged for each separately held holding.

Read the frequently asked questions for more information.

Applying for a conveyancing search

To apply, a solicitor or conveyancer must complete a Crown land conveyancing search application form and forward the form, together with payment, to:

Current Tenure, road status and historical searches

We provide current tenure, road status and historical land status information for all Crown land and Crown roads in NSW.

Current tenure holders can apply to obtain details of existing Crown tenures that they hold.  This may include:

  • a diagram
  • account description
  • financial status, or
  • copies of tenure documents.

A single tenure search can be submitted per contiguous landholding (in same name).

Where tenures are not contiguous or are held in separate names, a separate application and fee is required.

Copies of current tenure documents only can be provided for those held by the local office. Older tenure documents may be archived with the Government Records Repository. In these circumstances, a further charge applies to access those documents.

A current tenure holder search can only be performed for tenure holders. Current tenure search applications by parties other than the tenure holder will be rejected.

Current road status searches advice relates only to a limited search to define the current roads authority responsible for the road.

If you need detailed road status, you will need to request a historical status search request. A historical road status search fee applies for up to 5 hours of search time. If the search requires more time to complete, an additional hourly charge applies.

Local councils seeking road status information about council road closures, should contact commercial search providers instead of applying through the department’s search application process. Commercial search providers include LRS-approved information brokers and registered surveyors.

Parish map and gazette notices are also available to councils at HLRV and Trove. View more information on council road closure processes.

Historical land status searching can take considerable time, and has a standard fee per Lot/DP searched. View the complete list of fees for search products.

In all cases, once an application is received and accepted, the department will issue a tax invoice to the applicant for payment before processing the search. Time taken to complete the search is dependent on the complexity of the case.

Applying for a current tenure, road status or historical search

To apply for a current tenure, road status or historical search, please complete the Crown land search application form and forward the form to the address below:

Other Search Options

Local offices can provide other land status information for the purposes of:

  • Ad medium filum aquae;
  • Ad medium filum viae;
  • Historical tenure cards;
  • Crown land manager appointments (current and historical);
  • MHWM definitions affecting Crown land.

For information pertaining to these types of searches please call 1300 886 235 for referral to your local Crown Lands Office.

Historical Land Settlement Information

There are a number of ways you can access historical information relating to land settlement in NSW.

You can access information through: